Salt Lake City
Nico Priskos Nico Priskos

Nico Priskos obtained his real estate license in October of 2014 and immediately started working for InterNet Properties. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Nico has a vast array of local knowledge. In June of 2012 Nico graduated high school from the Waterford School in Sandy, Utah and began his college career at Westminster College in the Fall of 2012. Nico then transferred to the University of Utah in 2013, where he is currently pursuing a bachelors of science degree in Entrepreneurship as well as a minor in International Studies.

Nico gained valuable work experience at a young age, working at Crown Burgers in Salt Lake City. Nico’s most recent work experience came from Salt Lake City Weekly in the distribution department, as well as working on the back end of their website; updating restaurants, bars, and nightclubs City Weekly profiles.

Nico brings a young, fresh, tenacious approach to any situation put in front of him. Having extensive knowledge of the current trends of technology, Nico delivers modern and innovative ideas to the company, as is seen in the InterNet Properties social media accounts.

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