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Chris Metos began working at InterNet Properties in 2012 bringing with him a diverse set of skills and experience. Chris comes from a family of successful restaurant business owners and has developed a significant amount of business management experience and customer service as a result. Chris draws on this experience on a regular basis to connect with clients, understand their needs then find solutions in a timely and efficient manner to ensure the best possible outcome for all who are involved.

Prior to joining InterNet Properties, Chris graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts in Business. He then worked in business brokerage where his primary responsibilities involved developing valuation techniques and analyzing financial statements. Chris has also worked in a variety of industries as an M&A Advisor including mining, retail, restaurant, franchises and manufacturing. Chris creates value for his clients by bringing expertise, knowledge, commitment and drive to every situation he faces.

Chris serves as a board member on the Salt Lake Chamber and is heavily involved in understanding current trends in the market, both from a real estate standpoint, and business trends. Continued participation in community events and panels allows Chris the opportunity to network and build valuable connections, keeping him on the cutting edge of market happenings; information he is then able to offer as a resource to his clients.

As a commercial property owner himself, Chris understands the process involved in purchasing investments and serves his clients in the best possible way by knowing the responsibilities of property management, tenant evaluation, appreciation and cash flow evaluations, and what to look for when investing in properties. Analytically minded, Chris approaches prospective investment properties by gathering all available information, asking pertinent questions and collecting the evidence and data necessary in order to help clients make decisions that are sensical for their situation. Similarly, he demonstrates this attention to detail and thorough process in order to maximize property value for owners who wish to sell. His well-rounded abilities and drive to get results continue to prove his worth and serve his clients well.

Chris actively listens to buyers and tenants alike in order to fully comprehend their needs. He understands the importance of finding a commercial space that will enhance the ability of the business to grow and be successful. Seasoned in a variety of real estate sectors, Chris takes pride in his ability to use research and negotiation to bring numerous office, retail and industrial deals to fruition. A few of these clients include SST Trucking and Transportation, Lone Peak Labeling, VFI Corporate Finance and Saffron Valley Bistro. His commitment and perseverance have contributed to the growth of the ever-expanding culinary innovations in the Salt Lake valley including popular destinations such as Lake Effect, Manoli’s and Mollie & Ollie to name a few. Furthering the growth of companies and the impact they have on the economic growth across the Salt Lake City marketplace is of upmost importance.

Whatever the objective may be, Chris uses a hands-on approach, consistently providing clients with updates and offering creative ideas in order to best market a property or find the right fit for their business. Chris is committed to go above and beyond to ensure the goals are met and his clients are pleased.

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