NPS Pharmaceutical Store in Toronto

We went international! Our team at Internet Properties managed a 60,000 square foot pharmaceutical store in Toronto, Canada. NPS Pharmaceuticals develops drugs to help bone and nervous system disorders. Our optimal location in downtown Toronto allowed them large-scale access to Canadian consumers. We oriented our facility management towards their vision because we believe strong, lasting relationships equals commercial success.

How to Find the Right Property for Your Business

Choosing the right location for your business is crucially important. With so many factors to consider, we offer extensive research services to give your business the best possible position. With past clients such as Netspace and Target, our team understands the significance of having the right place at the right time. NPS Pharmaceutical had a final market capitalization of $4.99 billion. They provided the product, and we gave them the location.

Since 1994, we have managed commercial industries and fostered strong client relationships. We believe that optimal site selection and demographic analysis will help you find the perfect place to start or move your business. We go the extra mile by offering market studies and seamless landlord representation. Once you’re settled, we’ll continuously provide you with internal and external services such as :

  • Demographic Mapping and Analysis
  • Trade Area Analysis & Ranking
  • Excess Property Dispositions
  • Market Penetration Studies
  • Transaction Management

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